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Hello everybody!


Finally, I have my blog up and running after several false starts caused by me not realising that my home machine (currently configured as a development server) had security permissions that were preventing me from creating my Word Press blog – heh…

Ok – I’m currently at the POSSE SA workshop; it’s day 2 and the pressure is on (not to mention the confusion) – the pace is quick but the subject of teaching open source is fascinating. Many thanks to Jan Wildeboer, Mel Chua and Piero Papadeas for their excellent work and guidance so far. I’m typing this in a hurry as lunch is almost over and I only just got the blog up and working.

More later…

Later, and working with Git. Tutorials on Git seem a little confusing, but the Harvard Version is pretty clear.

Moving right along to OS contributions – translations in particular. Very interesting and not only because this is an area in which most of us could make some input. One becomes so accustomed to the prevalence of English (whether it be en_UK, en_US or en_ZA) that one forgets that most of the planet naturally prefers its own vernacular. It also makes it clear that everybody can make a contribution – no matter how small – and it will be useful in a wide context.